Vice President of Programming: K’Sean Henderson


K’Sean Henderson

I am a 2L, originally from Hempstead, New York. I graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Government/Political Science. Being a part of BLSA has given me the tools to “see the forest through the trees.” Through BLSA, I get to participate in advocacy programs, community engagement programs and social activities, all of which constantly reinforce the notion that the law is more complex and important than what you learn in your classroom. At GULC, I’m a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Division of the Barrister’s Council. I chose GULC because I wanted to study law in D.C., and after attending Georgetown for undergrad, I knew that I would have the support necessary to be successful at this stage of my education.

Practice Area Interest:  Litigation: Government & Internal Investigations, White Collar

Mac or PC: Mac

Myers Brigg Personality Type: ESTJ

True Colors Personality Type: Gold

Why did you join BLSA?  I joined BLSA because I enjoyed the programs that they hosted and I identified with their platform and initiatives.

What is your mantra or motto?  “When you know better, you do better.” – Dr. Maya Angelou

What advice would you give your younger self? I would encourage my younger self to take more risks, and to go confidently in the direction of my dreams, wherever that might take me.