Member-At-Large: Jasmine Joseph


Jasmine Joseph

Hello BLSA Family, my name is Jasmine Joseph and I am a 2L at GULC. I am originally from Queens, New York but have been in the DC area for a while now, since I attended Howard University for undergrad. At Howard, I earned my bachelors in Legal Communication, while minoring in English. My experience with BLSA as a 1L was great, which is why I wanted to be a part of the executive board this year. The transition from a HBCU to Georgetown Law was a tough one, but being a part of BLSA definitely made it a lot smoother. I hope to be able to create a positive experience for some of the new members this year as well.

Practice Area Interest: Transaction

Mac or PC: Mac

Myers Brigg Personality Type: INTP

True Colors Personality Type: Blue

Why did you join BLSA?  To make connections with other black law students.

What is your mantra or motto?  Reach high, for star lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for the dream proceeds the goal!

What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t try to grow up too fast.