Member-At-Large: Marisa Ebli


Marisa Ebli

Hi! I am a 2L here from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I came straight through from Bryant University in Rhode Island after studying Spanish and International Relations. I really enjoyed my experience with BLSA my first year and that’s why I wanted to be on the board this year. I am also on the PLAID board, which is a poverty law and policy group. I am very passionate about this topic and I hope to work in the civil rights or legal services areas after graduation.

Practice Area Interest: Civil Rights

Mac or PC: Mac

Myers Brigg Personality Type: ESFJ

True Colors Personality Type: Green

Why did you join BLSA? I met a lot of the members at open house and it seemed like a fun group and a good support community.

What is your mantra or motto? ” Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food? People are idiots, Leslie.”

What advice would you give your younger self? Advocate for yourself, no one else will care as much as you to do it well.