Community Service Chair: Benedicta Darteh


Benedicta Darteh

I am a rising 2L, born and raised in Ghana. I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, with a major in International Criminal Justice. I am also the treasurer of Christian Legal Society, and a program assistant of Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship. I chose Georgetown because of its speciality in International Law. As a girl growing up in West Africa, I saw a lot of injustices against women and that made me interested in international human rights.

Practice Area Interest:  International human rights

Mac or PC:  Mac

Myers Brigg Personality Type:  ENFP

True Color Personality Type:  Blue

Why did you join BLSA?  Because of the community with people who face the same challenges that I do.

What is your mantra or a favorite motto?   In all things, give thanks.

What advice would you give to your younger self?  You will get there. God will take you there.